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Limor - Kids Coaching

Hi there!

I’m Limor Jasinski, founder of Wisdom Kids Academy.

I’m thrilled to share a bit about myself with you.

I wear many hats in life—a proud mother of two, a loving wife, and a passionate advocate for nurturing children’s potential. 

My life has taken me from the vibrant landscapes of Tel-Aviv to the welcoming communities of Canada and, most recently, to the enchanting country of Poland. 

My fascination with the incredible world of children and their boundless potential began early on in life. As a young kids caretaker, I noticed something truly magical.

I had an effortless and genuine connection with kids. It was this unmistakable bond that set me on a path to explore the incredible depth of human potential, especially within the hearts and minds of our youngest generation.

That led me to develop my career in coaching. My journey as a life coach began over a decade ago, starting with my initial coaching certification at TUT Coaching College and subsequent training with Tony Robbins at the Robbins-Madanes Training program in the U.S. 

I further honed my coaching skills by earning a Practitioner of Excellence certificate from “The Strategic Intervention Coaching Institute” and becoming a certified Wisdom life coach for kids through Adventures in Wisdom.

As a certified WISDOM Coach®, I now have the curriculum and tools to help others, as part of the parenting team.

I am proud to share that my coaching method has helped many children, families (including my own), and individuals find their true purpose, overcome limiting beliefs, build self-confidence, establish great relationships, and enhance communication within family dynamics.

I look forward to the opportunity to connect with your child to plant seeds of greatness, unlock their potential, and embark on a transformative journey of growth and discovery.

I absolutely love helping kids dream big and imagine the awesome possibilities for their lives!


It’s super important for your child to have a powerful mindset so they can tackle anything that comes their way.


My mission is to be their biggest cheerleader, supporting them and your family in a way that makes them feel unstoppable.


Together, let’s uncover their amazing potential, embrace their inner greatness, and make their goals happen with loads of confidence and fun!  Limor 🙂 



Mom Of 10 Year Old Boy

Our coaching journey with Limor started at my son’s Adventures in Wisdom after-school club. One evening my son and I were arguing,
and suddenly he said, “Mom, please stop for a second and he started explaining to me.”

“When we are angry, one part of our brain tells us to do good things, and the other part tells us to do bad things. Limor said we can choose the good one if we stop at the exact moment and listen to our brain. I tried this, and I realized that it works. Please try it too.”

The happiness and awareness I felt at that moment were indescribable and It is thanks to the skills he has learned working with Limor.

Elif - Mother of Two Ages 10 & 4

After a one-on-one coaching session with Limor, we observe positive changes in how my son expresses himself, the depth of his questions,
and how he thinks. That created opportunities for us to solve issues we couldn’t notice on our own, helping us to better communicate with each other. I highly recommend Limor.

Mom Of 10 Year Old Boy

His positive change of behavior had a very positive impact on our family communication and on our attitude toward each other. We are very pleased with his progress and Limor’s fantastic work with my son.

Mom Of 9 Year Old Boy

I’d been coaching him for 4 weeks and his mom said that his teacher asked, “What have you done differently with this child?He is talking differently, walking differently, and trying things he normally wouldn’t try.
I am amazed at his progress! He also seems to like himself more….”

From Toastmasters International District 108

Thanks to her great energy on stage, the way she conducted her speech and her excellent interaction with the audience, I am surę that Limor’s speech will stay in the audience’s memory for a long time. I would like to thank Limor for supporting our conference with her amazing keynote speech, perfect cooperation and huge engagement on the stage.


“I Believe in Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment Where Children Can Express Themselves Freely and Learn Valuable Skills Through Fun Stories and Activities”

Limor Jasinski

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